dinner 1

Love and Marriage

Dinner 1: Saturday the 16th of May 2015



On the date of the first dinner, Saturday the 16th of May 2015, Dublin was alive with debate relating to the Marriage Equality Referendum. This provided an interesting backdrop and an opportunity to share personal stories that had perhaps become overly politicized at that time. The 4th of September saw the second incarnation of the project, with the theme ‘What is good design?’ prompting a lively discussion on the merits and characteristics of good design.


Each event catered for 18 guests and the two hosts, with 14 ticketed places and four places filled by invited guests who had a professional interest in the theme. The four invited guests acted as anchors to the conversation, providing structure and informing the debate.


Underlining the project was a deep curiosity about how food can facilitate conversations. Each event saw the creation of a new menu (in collaboration with chef Cathal McGuire) and new tableware that explored the sharing aspect of food.

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